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Breakthrough Designs

    JAEB Designs focuses on products that are a gamechanger in the consumer kitchen and culinary industry. JAEB Designs has a full and growing product development pipeline. If there is a problem in the kitchen or food preperation process, JAEB Designs is investigating how to solve it.

Informed Research

    Our team utilizes years of executive level startup and mechanical design experience to bring radical, consumer driven designs to the culinary accessory market. We gather feedback from hundreds of consumers and industry experts to identify the pain points and market gaps that we can most effectively solve.

JAEB Designs market size with PenSimple

PenSimple herb grinder and dispenser with logo

A Bright Future

    JAEB Designs combines the knowledge of how to design and build products with lean startup methodology to bring new ideas to market. This allows for innovative designs in less time than the big companies, with even more innovation. We are excited to be a part of the healthy lifestyle changes associated with increasing fresh and organic food intake.